Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hawking in the snow 雪での狩り

A little thing like snow wasn't going to keep us from hawking this weekend! The roads were miserable but the hawking was great! Ms. Havoc was up first. We followed some tracks to a culvert and a quick glance down the tunnel confirmed that Mr. Bunny was home. I popped the ferret down and soon enough the bunny came shooting out the other end. It was pure speed on speed as the bunny ran about 50 yards down a retaining wall and then cut down into a depression trying to make another culvert. Ms. Havoc snagged him about a foot away! Great flight!

It didn't take long to find bunny #2. He was hiding underneath a dumpster, and hiding well at that! It took a minute for us to confirm that it was rabbit ears that we were seeing and not just some brush! The ferret went in again but wandered right past the bunny! Luckily she saw the error of her ways and got the bunny moving. Here's that flight:


It was a nice flight around the spruce but the bunny made it into a drain pipe on the side of the building. Luckily another bunny found its way to the same dumpster a few moments later courtesy of the ferrest. A carbon copy of the flight shown above ensued but this time there was no chasing around the tree as Ms. Havoc nailed it on the first stoop from the building.

Her posture in the above pictures seems to say, "Das right foo!"
An absolute beauty of a bird. See the drain pipe on the side of the building in the right of the picture? That's where the first bunny is hiding!