Friday, October 17, 2008

Baggie #1

I had to be at a conference all day yesterday so I gave her a quick mouse head to hold her until I got home in the evening. She weighed in at 96g at 8:00, the lowest I've had her. I picked up some sparrows on my way home and wasn't intending to use them until the weekend but thought, "Meh, might as well give it a go."

Kino shigoto no kaeri ni tomodachi kara suzume wo te ni iremashita. Shumatsu made tsukawanai to omotta kedo, kaette taijyu hakatte kara 96g deshita. Ima made ichiban hikui taijyu dakara "Ma, yatte miyo ka?" to omotte yuwaku ni makemashita.

The experience gave me some great insight as to where I am in training. She's definitely too high as she took about 30 seconds or so before deciding to grab the sparrow. A couple things may have factored in to the hesitation, first time "hunting" with me, my wife shuffling papers in the next room, etc. but a truely on weight and manned bird would not have taken 30 seconds. I know I need to bring her down some more. On a positive note, she didn't try to go anywhere with the sparrow once she caught it. She screamed at me as I approached but she does that all the time anyway. I let her pluck a bit and eat the head before slowly reaching in and scooping her and the sparrow onto my fist. I removed the legs as she kept working on the neck and then pulled a wing off to let her work on that as I seperated her rations in another room. She did grab the wing and run to a corner but when I approached with the heart, lungs, and breast meat she left the wing and jumped back on my fist.

Iroiro manabimashita. Mazu taijyu wa mada herasanakyucha. 30byo gurai kakatte suzume wo yatto kogeki shimashita. Taijyu wa atte ittara sugu kogeki suru hazu desu. Taijyu dake jyanai kamoshirenai kedo are wa ichiban. Hitotsu no ii nowa suzume wo doko ka ni motte ikou to shinakatta desu. Atama wo tabette kara boku ga hizamazuite te wo dashitara naita kedo ugokanakatta. Suzume no ashi ya katapo no tsubasa wo hanashite suzume no karada wo betsu no heya de wakeyo to omote, amechyo wa hanashita suzume no tsubasa wo heya no kado made motte ichatta kedo, shinzo ya mune niku wo misetara tsubasa wo sutete te ni tonde kimashita.

Things will definitely be different when I head outside with her, more distractions and a greater temptation to carry I'd imagine, so again, her weight needs to come down but I think we're headed in the right direction. Fun times ahead!

Soto ni dettara iroiro muzukashikunaru to omoimasu. Shuchuryoku ga tamesareru shi, suzume wo doko ka ni motte iku yuwaku ga 10bai gurai tsuyokunarimasu. Dakara taijyu wo herasanakyucha kedo kari made wa sou nani toukunai to omoimasu. Saiko 2shukan gurai kana.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lure Introduction

At 98g she flew several times across the room before being offered the back half of a mouse on the lure. While she ate on the lure I walked away to get a tidbit and when I walked back she had finished with the mouse so I held out my hand and she jumped right up. Can't ask for a better lure introduction than that!

98g de sukai te ni tonde kimashita. Sono ato lure wo shokai shite nezumi no hanbun wo tsukemashita. Sugu tabete kuremashita. Tabenagara betsu no heya ni itte modottara nezumi wo tabeowatta tokoro dakara te wo dashite sugu ni te ni tonde kimashita. Ii kanji desu!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week One

Not a whole lot to report. Dulcinea and I have been working on getting acquainted and she's decided I'm not such a bad guy. She's coming about 10 feet to the fist on an indoor creance:

Hokoku suru koto wa sounani nai desu. Naka yoku suru youni douyroku shite imasu. Ima no tokoro 3 meteru gurai tondekite imasu.

It's not an instant response though and any little thing will distract her. Below 100g she starts to be more responsive, I just need to take some more weight off. Hopefully I can get her taking baggies on the creance by next weekend sometime.

Mada sugu niwa konai node mou sukoshi taijyu wo herasanakyucha. Ganbarimasu.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


October 4th:
First set of the day was on a bird of unidentifiable sex, just saw it was a kestrel and tossed the trap. I pull into a dirt turn around to watch and after a couple minutes the bird makes a pass at the trap. It doesn't hit the trap though and the flare up showed me clearly that it was a male. "Meh," I think, "It's early, the bird is interested anyway, I'll let it sit for a few more minutes." I keep the binocs trained on the male as it does a few more passes and then suddenly a truck driving by slams on it's breaks and backs up right next to my trap. The male is out of there and the lady in the truck gets out of her truck. I rush over there and to my surprise, there's a female kestrel stuck on the trap! What the...?! I have no idea when it got there, I'd been there about ten minutes but I guess while I was watching the male the female snuck in! Hey, I'll take what I can get!

Hijimete mita amechyo wa osu ka mesu ka mirenakutte toriaezu wana wo dashimashita. Mamonaku amechyo wa wana ni kogeki suru kedo ataranakatta. Tonde kara sugu osu to wakatta kedo kyoumi ga atta kara wana wo sono manna ni shyo to omotte machimashita. Sore kara nankai ka wana ni mukatta kedo naze ka ataranakutte komarimashita. Kyu ni kuruma ga wana no tonari ni tomatte jyosei ga demashita. Osu ga nigette, "Ma, shyo ga nai ka?" to omotte wana made hashirimashita. Nan to iu odoroki ni mesu ga kakatte imashita! Doko kara kita ka, itsu tsukamatta ka wakaranai kedo YOKATTA!

Now kestrel age is difficult to determine but from everything I've read for females the story is in the tail. If the last bar on the tail is more than twice the width of the other bands on the tail it's more than likely older than one year. Judging by this birds tail I determined pretty quickly that the bird is a hag (2nd year or older bird).

Shikashi, ichinenme no amechyo ga hoshikutte shippo wo mittara kono amechyo wa chotto toshi wo totte iru no ga wakatta. Ichinenme no mesu nara shippo no saigo no shima wa hoka no shima to onaji gurai no okisa. Kono amechyo no shippo no saigo on shima wa futoi:

Anyway, since it's the only female I've caught all season I figured she could at least keep me company while I look for a passage (first year) bird. I pop the hood on and she goes absolutely comatose. She wasn't moving a muscle so I laid her on the seat next to me and kept trapping.

Toriaezu mesu dakara hoka no amechyo wo minakereba kore ni suru to omotte hood wo tsukemashita. Mo shinda furi ni natta! Tonari ni oitte trapping wo tsuzukemashita.

Not more than 20 minutes later I see a bird sitting on top of a pole. Out goes the trap and before I can even turn around the bird is on the trap. As I get out the bird's tail is highlighted by the early morning sun and by golly if it doesn't fit the description of a passage bird exactly; Last band on the tail being the same width as the rest of the bands.

20pun mo tatte nai uchi ni hoka no amechyo wo mite wana wo dashimashita. Sugu wana ni mukatte tsukamarimashita. Shippo wo mitara yatto ichinenme no mesu da! Oyorokobi!!!

Having the first bird right there to compare helped a bunch too. Wahoo! I popped the hood off the first bird, thanked her for her time and off she went.

Saisho no amechyo to kurabetara zettai ichinenme dakara sugu ni saisho no tori kara hood wo totte hanashimashita.

I expected the same comatose state when I popped the hood on the passage bird but boy was I wrong!! She fought the whole way home, wriggled out of the sock I put her in, despite the tape job, and threw the hood. I had to drive with one hand wrapped around her and the other on the steering wheel! She's got attitude, that's for sure!

Hood wo tsukettara onaji youni shinda youni narunjyanai ka to omotta kedo CHIGATTA! Zutto abaretta! Kaeri wa taihen deshita! Koitsu wa yanchan kamo!

But we made it home safe, and she weighed in at a petite 114.5g with the jesses on. She got a good deal of manning over the weekend with my 20 month old running around and she ate about 8 grams of sparrow from my finger tips the first evening. There were times where it seemed like she was actually taking the tidbits from my fingers and others where it seemed like the tidbit just happened to fall in to her open mouth...but it's a start anyway.

Buji ni kaette kara jess wo tsukette hajimete no taijyu wo hakarimashita. 114.5 gram deshita. Mesu ni shite mo chiisai! Sugu ni kunren wo hajimemashita. Saisho no yoru ni suzume no 8 gram gurai wo yubi kara tabemashita. Naka naka ii kanji desu!

I'm over the top excited about getting a passage bird and finally getting my season started. Ladies and gentleman I present to you my starling killer for the season, Dulcinea:

Yatto kotoshi no takagari ga dekiru youni narimashita. Namae wa Dulcinea desu: "Yoroshiku!"