Monday, May 26, 2008

Mini mew 小屋を作りました

I finally got around to building my mews so that I can get it inspected and get my license. I know, I know, trapping season isn't until the fall but at the pace falconry licences are processed if I don't get it done now I may miss another season!!

Anyway, it's a weird mew in that it's HUGE for a kestrel but not big enough for a red-tail. Apparently the regs here require an 8x8x8 enclosure for a red-tail and at least a 4x4x4 enclosure for a kestrel so 4x4x4 it is:
Closed: 閉じると:

Open: 開けると:

As you can see, it doesn't leave much room on the deck! But since the water heater is out there and it will need to be moved around a little just so that we can get to things I added wheels to the bottom:


Hopefully I'll have it inspected within the next couple weeks so that my licence can get sent on to the Feds. It won't have an occupant until the fall so until then I guess this will have to do!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Equipment making 道具を作ってみました。

Here are a couple items I've made recently to stave off the off-season boredom:
A lure ルアー

A perch パーチ

A few hoods フード

You can probably tell that I only have two colors of leather with me! 皮が二つの色しかない!

Honestly, I don't know why anyone would buy equipment. Making the stuff is half the fun! All the stuff that I've made is micro-sized for the kestrel (or if a miracle happens, the merlin or sharpie) that I'll get in the fall. My next big project will be the mews. I've drawn plans for it over and over again, I just need to go get the stuff and put it together. I'm in no hurry though, they still haven't contacted me for a mews inspection! But by fall I'm sure everything will have fallen in to place. Until then, I've got a few other projects in mind to keep me busy...(as if grad school, work, and family don't keep me busy enough!)