Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Equipment making 道具を作ってみました。

Here are a couple items I've made recently to stave off the off-season boredom:
A lure ルアー

A perch パーチ

A few hoods フード

You can probably tell that I only have two colors of leather with me! 皮が二つの色しかない!

Honestly, I don't know why anyone would buy equipment. Making the stuff is half the fun! All the stuff that I've made is micro-sized for the kestrel (or if a miracle happens, the merlin or sharpie) that I'll get in the fall. My next big project will be the mews. I've drawn plans for it over and over again, I just need to go get the stuff and put it together. I'm in no hurry though, they still haven't contacted me for a mews inspection! But by fall I'm sure everything will have fallen in to place. Until then, I've got a few other projects in mind to keep me busy...(as if grad school, work, and family don't keep me busy enough!)


Isobael said...

I LOVE that little bow perch.

I've made blocks but I need to make a couple of bows.

Isaac Nichols アイザック ニコルス said...

Thanks! I saw one at the Utah Skytrials in February and thought it looked easy enough to make. Sure enough, it was! Cost less than $10 too. Can't argue with that.