Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Project

Last week PK and I hit the same ponds and irrigation ditches that we've been hitting all season...with the same results. Actually PK did technically catch something. At the last pond of the day he took off to the opposite side and did a nice wing over into the drink. I saw something duck under water just as he arrived so I jogged over to see what he was after. He was standing chest deep in the water clutching something so I reached in and pulled him out. Whatever had ducked under water was long gone but PK was sure that the wad of grass and water-logged wood that he had "caught" was something to eat! He mantled over it and began plucking! No matter how much quail I offered him he would NOT let go of his prize! Living up to his name, it took me a good 10 minutes before the punk would let go and even then it was reluctantly. I tossed the slimy mess back into the water and he bated after it but looked rather confused when he regained the fist and the weed was just floating on the surface. Imprints, gotta love 'em!
Anyway, that experience led me to believe that I need to take PK somewhere else where we may have a better chance of catching game. Unfortunately the only transportation I have here is my scooter and the hawk box I made for Spark is much too small for PK. Soooo, I went to the local home center and got the materials to make a Harris sized box to bolt to my "hog". It's still in the works but I'm building it to last, staining the wood with water proofing and rubberizing the rough edges of the frame. Through this project I've realized that carpentry is definitely NOT my calling in life but it's been fun and I hope I'll have something to be proud of when I'm done. Hopefully I can finish it by this weekend and take PK to some new fields. Since I'm still new to this whole blogging thing, I'm not sure how to put pictures up but I'll play around with some things and see if I can figure it out. If this blog suddenly disappears...well, I'm about as good with computers as I am with carpentry so wish me luck!


Matt Mullenix said...

max inclined said...

Re blogging: while it does have the qualities of a diary, blogs are also considered meeting points for a community of friends/acquaintances. It's not a write-only medium, iow it's considered polite to respond to comments.

If you want to add a picture to your post, click on the picture icon above the post editing box. This opens up a sub-window. Click on Browse and navigate to where your picture is stored. Choose where you want the picture aligned (left/center/right) and how large you want the image displayed. This

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Isaac said...

Hi fallinghawks (I think it's Andrea right?),
Sorry about that, and to any others who I haven't responded too. Still figuring this whole blogging thing out! :-) Bear with me...
P.S. Pics are on the home computer, I blog at work (there's really nothing else for me to do), so I'll have to figure out how to work the pics out sometime when I have time at home. Yikes! So much to do! Thanks for your comments everyone!