Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Second Chances

I had a meeting in another city yesterday and since I knew the meeting wouldn't take that long I took the bird along hoping to get some hawking in on my way home...suit pants and button-up shirt be damned! :-)

After a few unsuccessful flights on starlings (I'm just not finding good setups for them!) I was actually resigned to heading home but as the fisherman always wants "one last cast" I thought I'd swing through the shopping center where we'd caught (and released...) the sparrow on Saturday since it was on my way.

A quick glance as I passed the McDonald's parking lot confirmed that there were sparrows. What followed was almost a replica of what happened on Saturday! Only this time the sparrow was on top of the curb and the momentum from the attack carried them into the bushes rather than Dulci dragging it in to them.

This time I waited! I located her in the bush but did not try to approach. All I had was my cell phone but I snapped this picture while I waited for her to do her thing:

After I saw her take a few bites, proving in my mind that the sparrow was a goner, I slowly reached in with a good sized tidbit on my fist and, just like the good girl she is, she looked over her shoulder and jumped on with the sparrow in tow.

See, I do learn from my mistakes!


Albert A Rasch said...


Looking good! I envy your commitment and patience!

Albert A Rasch
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Doug said...

Awesome! Congratulations.


Isaac said...

I don't know if its commitment and patience or just a sick addiction that needs to be fed! ;-) Thanks for the kind words though!

How's Ulrich doing? You on the board with him yet??