Thursday, August 06, 2009


I'm reading "A Merlin for Me" by John Loft right now, a book chronicling Mr. Loft's training of a young merlin in the UK and interspersed with some wonderful poetry. This particular poem stood out as I read it this morning:


Hawking is useless,
Brings no advancement,
Is economically negligible, ecologically neutral,
Ethically irrelevant, and thoroughly anti-social.

That's what makes it so attractive.

Accomplishing the death of a lark is
Too insignificant to register on the Richter Scale
Of human endeavour

Yet is the Enterprise that transports me to the platform
Where I become myself.


Anonymous said...

What a cool poem. One of those where you realize that you've thought the same many times before without being aware of it.-Tanner

Doug said...


Steve Bodio said...

A great book too.

Isaac said...

I noticed your blurb on the back Steve!