Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hunting with Cheetahs

I don't know how I never knew about a site called before but I found it today! I haven't been able to look around too much yet but I like what I see so far (how could I NOT!). Here's a video I did watch, not exactly falconry but...cheetah-ry? FANTASTIC!!

I'm excited to see what else this site has to offer!

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The Traveling Triad said...

It looks like this site has been suspended. Unfortunate, because I was really hoping to watch this video. My father is a falconer and he has told me about people hunting with cheetahs, but I have never actually saw video footage. I found one video on you tube after discovering this site was suspended. It is from 1939, but none the less is incredible. It is amazing how similar they are to a hawk in action. From the way they hold onto their prey, how they react (or don't react I should say) to the people hunting with them, and even the use of hoods on them. Here's the link to the youtube video I found in case you haven't seen it.