Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I wasn't sure how he'd fly after the layoff last week but he got his groove back quick enough:

We'd chased this flock of starlings back and forth between two shopping centers all morning and he'd had some near misses but hadn't been able to seal the deal. Maybe it was due to the layoff but he seemed to pull up just short on the 4 or 5 slips before this one. The misses must've pissed him off though because, kinda like a karate master doesn't punch the board he's trying to break but aims for a point behind the board, Hayduke plowed right through this one! Nice little flight.


Dan said...

Nice! How long was the slip that he scored on?

Isaac said...

Oh not too long, 15 yards? I don't have a lot of long set ups at the moment but the snow is melting and the starlings are starting to nest so I'll find them in better setups soon. I'm hoping that 50 yards are the norm come spring!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading about your training Hayduke and its been a lot of help. I think I'll start bagging Viator on starlings this week. Thanks. It looks like Hayduke is doing awsome!