Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Urban Fox

I work in downtown Denver, literally the middle of the city, and this fellow greeted me at the front doors of my office this morning.

The crazy thing was that I don't think ANY of the other people around the building even noticed him! Or at least they had absolutely no reaction to a fox at the front doors...

I thought it was pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

We get lots of them in our gardens over here in England. They are lovely animals with really interesting personalities. Many people feed them now in towns and cities so they have become as common as birds. It is great in the summer when they bring the little fox cubs to play in the evening. Lovely, good natured animals to have around!

Mom N said...

I saw one in Sebastopol (CA) recently also. Really cool-looking animals. But yeah--right there in the middle of Denver? Wild!

Jessie Eyre said...

That's WAY cool!

I'm not sick all the time. What are you talking about?!

P.S. Are you guys coming home for Christmas this year?! Time to start planning! :)