Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The day finally arrived. I've got to get on with packing and moving and the weather report said that this week would be in the 50's so I took Goliath on one last hunt before turning him loose. He was already fat from being fed a bunch in anticipation of the release but in typical Goliath fashion he flew well regardless. He nailed the first starling of the day. We tried for doubles but none of the subsequent slips were quite ideal. He may have caught another had he been a bit lower but I was pretty happy with his performance given how fat he already was. I took him to a field near my home, fed him up until he wouldn't eat any more, cut the jesses off and sent him on his way.

One or two more bites as a free bird:

I was actually planning on taking a little video of the release but my camera batteries died right after these pictures! My friend tried to snap a few post-release photo's after he left my fist for the last time but he flew off when my friend approached. That's a good sign. He'll have no trouble out there and will make some female very happy come spring.

Thanks for the memories Goliath. You were a good one.

Chances are good that I won't be posting again on here until next season. There are some pretty big life changes coming up in the next few months and free time will be scarce but I'll be back eventually.

Thanks for reading, tune in next time...


PBurns said...

Goodbye Goliath, and thanks. I have enjoyed the stories about you immensely. Long may you fly!


Ab Wilkinson said...

Good job man. I enjoyed your blog and look forward to next season. Good luck in your upcoming upheaval =).

Doug said...

Thanks for sharing the stories. I look forward to reading more in the future. A few more hunts and I'll be ending my season as well. It does go too fast.

Safari Maiden said...

I apologise for letting you know by putting this in a comment, but could not find an email address.

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Good luck for the 30th January!

Safari Maiden and the rest of the forum Admin Team

Chas S. Clifton said...

Fly well, the both of you.

Mom N said...

Hats off to the season of Goliath. Will look forward to upcoming adventures. Wish we'd known about the nomination--we'd have voted for sure!

Anonymous said...

I live in the UK and we have a little American Kessie called Goliath too! - seem a bit random but felt I had to comment. He's an imprint and wan't well trained as a youngster though so his flying is pretty poor.
Hope you Goliath is doing well in the wild and that next season gives you plenty of quarry.