Saturday, November 24, 2007

N.A.F.A. アメリカ全国鷹狩大会

Every year over the week of Thanksgiving the North American Falconers Association (N.A.F.A.) holds a national meet where falconers from all over the nation get together to socialize, listen to speakers, tell stories, and HUNT! This year the meet was held in Alamosa, Colorado, a short 3 hour drive from my apartment. Unfortunately, my family wanted me back in Utah for turkey day so I could only stay a few days but the following are some pics from the meet:


This is the weathering you can see, there were lots of birds!!

The first day out I hooked up with some falconers from Minnesota that were gracious enough to let me tag along. This gentleman had this 3rd year female coopers but unfortunately wasn't flying her that day. We had a good number of people with us and ended up flying 8 or 9 Harris hawks together. We had a few good slips but only ended up with one white-tailed jack in the bag for our efforts.


Even though we only got one jack the scenery was beautiful!


The second day, and my last, I went out with a friend from the Internet to fly his male golden eagle.

We had a few good flights but only ended up managing to catch a rat. You'd expect more from such a vicious bird. Look at the fear in those kids eyes!

I really wanted to stay the whole week but my 104 year old great grandma wanted to meet my son so off we went to Utah. There's always next year...

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