Sunday, November 04, 2007

Falconers are so WEIRD! 鷹匠って可笑しい!

On Saturday I met up with Richard and his goshawks and we headed to an industrial park where we hooked up with a couple of his apprentices. Billy Bob, the tiercel goshawk from a couple weeks ago was up first. We'd spotted a bunny creeping into some bushes near a building so we thought we'd give that a try to start things off. The bunny bolted out of the bushes and made it to a drain pipe before Billy could get to him but since we knew where the bunny was, and it was a big enough (2.5 ft. in diameter?) drain pipe, I offered to climb in from the other side to scare the bunny out. It was a fairly long pipe, maybe 150 ft. from one side of the road to the other but I could see the bunny sillouetted against the light at the other end. I threw a couple rocks down the pipe to see if I could get it to move that way (and I really didn't want to climb into the pipe) but it wasn't moving so after brushing a few cobwebs out from the entrance I climbed in. The pipe was only slightly larger than my shoulder width, but by commando crawling on my elbows and pushing with my feet I could move pretty steadily so off I went. I was making quite the ruckas as I went pushing a short piece of PVC pipe in front of me that clattered along the dry cement as it went but the bunny just wasn't budging! About half way through the pipe I hear a voice from the other side say, "Isaac? You're in the wrong pipe!" The "bunny" that I could see at the end of the pipe I was in was a rock! I guess 150 ft. of dark pipe obscures vision just a bit! But with no where to go but forward I pushed on and finally emerged from my experience as a ferret with scrapped up elbows, but none the worse for wear and we continued hawking. When I got home I told my wife the story and she says, "You did WHAT? Are you that desperate to catch a bunny? If I saw a bunch of superfreaks climbing thru drain pipes and chasing bunnies in an industrial park I'd laugh at you. Falconers are so WEIRD!!"...and ya know what, in this instance I have to agree!


Billy ended up catching a bunny coming out of a pipe in a short flight. Richard told the bird he should've let it run a little more and Billy released the bunny! He caught it again in 20 feet but we told Richard he probably shouldn't say that again!


Richards apprentice then took his red-tail out for his first real hunt. While the bird didn't catch anything it flew wonderfully, barely missing a couple times and chasing a good while. It'll be a good bird in the near future. Here's some of the flights:



mdmnm said...

Nice report. Thanks, too, for putting up the videos. As a non-falconer it is really interesting to see the flights. That Harris going under the truck in the previous post is amazing!

Isaac Nichols アイザック ニコルス said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I try to get video whenever possible. Even though Richard wasn't too happy about the bunny that got away because I was filming the flight! Oops!;-)