Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More youtube...Me in February? 近い将来の私?

I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll be doing at least an abbreviated apprenticeship. Since my current living situation is rather confined, a red-tail is out of the question. Therefore my choice of birds is limited to the kestrel. Even though Matt Mullenix's book has made many people reconsider the kestrel, and I've heard of them doing some amazing things in the hands of the right falconers, I'll be honest and say that I was a little disappointed to know that I'd be flying a kestrel instead of the merlin or sharpshin that I'd hoped for. My biggest concern was that carhawking (releasing the bird from the window of a moving car), a common practice with kestrels, just isn't appealing to me. I'd much rather be out in a field where the uncertainty of when the slip is going to happen is part of the fun (at least for me). And then I found this clip:


A kestrel from a T-perch? How cool is that! And since it's the same thing I was doing with my Harris hawk in Japan and what I'd hoped to do (minus the T-perch) with a merlin or sharpshin my enthusiasm for flying a kestrel is renewed! And just in case there's doubters out there who think that would work for sparrows, check out this next one!


Okay, so at the end of the clip she's eating a grasshopper...I swear that was a sparrow she caught in the slow motion section! Did you see how quick she was? WOW! I'm really looking forward to February now!


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