Sunday, November 30, 2008

N.A.F.A. Highlights 全国鷹狩り大会

Just a couple of highlights from my recent trip to the NAFA meet in Amarillo, TX. Unfortunately I didn't take that many pictures, too busy hawking!! My kestrel adventures will have their own post.

One of the coolest things I did down there was something I'd been wanting to do since the last NAFA meet. There are a couple of guys from New Mexico that chase jacks with falcons and sighthounds. I went out with them three times and saw jacks taken by all three of the falcons. We'd walk a field until a jack got up and the dogs would go tearing after it. The hood would be popped off the falcon and it would immediately join the chase. The falcon would smack the jack and make it tumble or bind to it and the dogs would run up to help finish it off. The flights were generally a quarter to a half mile long. That is some impressive flying and the type of jack hawking I could really get in to! Someday...


I spent one day with the eagles way down south in Lubbock.


We were taken to the most incredible jack field I've ever seen. There were literally hundreds of jacks! I tried to take some video, it's not really great but if you're patient to the end you can get an idea of just how many there were. Despite the incredible jack numbers, only 2 were put in the bag that day.


And of course there were the Harris hawkers. I saw a few bunnies and a jack get taken by them as well.


And of course these are just the highlights of the pictures I was able to take. I also got to see a longwing flown in waiting on style kill wild game for only the second time in my life, numerous other birds fly and I even found an arrowhead! Overall it was an incredible meet. One intagible highlight was meeting a lot of great people who I've only known through the internet for so long. I didn't get to go hunting with them all but I'll look forward to hunting with them next year. I can't wait!

他の出来事が沢山なったけど写真んはないです。隼がゴイサギを捕るのも見て、 オオタカの狩りにも参加しました。すごく楽しかった。アメリカに来る機会があればお勧めします。又来年を楽しみにしています!!


Mom N said...

Really great to read all this. Thanks for sharing! Keep at it!

Nichols Family said...

Sounds like an awesome week! So glad you enjoyed it.