Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post-season Torture

Last night I took my son for a short walk on the nature trail near our apartment complex. I had seen some starlings hanging out in a particular clump of bushes and thought I'd set a trap there to see if I could catch some for my friend's kestrel that we've been trying to get going. Things looked good when probably half a dozen starlings jumped up from the bushes when I approached. *Sigh* And me without a bird.

The rabbits have reached plague-like proportions in the area as well. In the evenings when my son has a little too much energy I like to take him out to chase bunnies. The other night there were twelve on a patch of grass about 30 yards wide! On Sunday, driving around an industrial park looking for starlings with my friends bird we saw two or three rabbits on just about every patch of open ground. And me without a bird.

After I'd set the starling trap last night my son and I wandered around tossing a ball back and forth while the sun dipped below the horizon. A drainage area just outside of our complex is rather marshy looking due to the heavy snow we recieved over the weekend and two mallards circled over us before landing in shallow water. A perfect slip for a gos...and me without a bird.

Now admittedly, rabbits and ducks are out of season so even if I had a bird I wouldn't be chasing them (not to mention with my current state of affairs I wouldn't have a bird that could take rabbits or ducks...) but seeing so much game around really makes the off season hard!

Is it September yet??

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Mom N said...

Great ruminations. Life just ain't fair. Good thing you're outside with Eli anyhoo. Springtime in the Rockies--ah, bittersweet.