Friday, August 13, 2010

So Much To Do And...

...So little time?

While I diligently check the widget at the top of my blog just about every day (in fact, I have a friend who will ask me every time he sees me, "How many days til trapping season?" because he knows I'll have the correct answer), it just hit me yesterday that I have a lot to do to get ready for the upcoming season and the time to have it all done is quickly approaching!

Stuff I have to do has been rolling around in the back of my head for quite awhile now:

Stock up on bird food (Check! Yesterday I picked up enough starlings to last me at least until a new kestrel is hunting, if not the entire season.)
Build a new trap (a new style I haven't tried before, just for kicks and giggles)
Tie new nooses on my old traps (I know they work)
Set out my sparrow traps (gotta have bait)
Clean out the mews (gets used mainly for storage in the off season)
Build a new indoor perch (we'll chat about that later, honey!)
Get all my other miscellaneous gear in order (Glove, leash, jesses, anklets, etc...)

I dunno, putting it in list form makes it seem less intimidating but it's a lot of small projects that are going to take up a bunch of time. Time well worth the effort however as I am really looking forward to this season (as I do EVERY season). A lot to look forward to this year, one of my good friends just got his license and will be trapping and training his first red-tail, I should be getting my upgrade to General at some point (after 15 years!), and there's a possibility that a significant life changing opportunity that I've been working on for a while will come to fruition during the season and mix things up as well...

Can't wait!


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Funny; I found your blog via the yo-yos for troops deal... My dad is a master falconer who literally wrote the book on Falconry Equipment. We currently have a female kestrel... Not hunting yet though!