Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Single Digits!

The widget at the top of my blog is officially in single digits. Trapping season is literally right around the corner!!

As for the check list:

Food? Check!

New Traps? Check!

New Nooses on Old Traps? Maybe tonight...

Bait? One sparrow so far in my trap and last weekend was the State club's annual picnic where I made connections with a couple people with pigeon coops who say their places are almost infested. So I'm sure we'll have plenty. Throw in a few pet store feeder mice and we'll have our bases covered.

New Indoor Perch? Materials have been priced but it'll have to wait until payday. Shouldn't take me long to put together.

Clean Out Mews? Not yet, but since that's where all my old traps are, it may be another thing to tackle tonight or at the latest, this weekend.

Get Miscellaneous Gear In Order? Check, for the most part. A member of another forum I'm on let me in on this brilliant, (if not rather obvious, duh!) piece of advice: Falconers only used left-handed gloves but they usually come in pairs...turn the right-handed glove inside out and presto, left-handed glove! So I've even got a couple of new gloves for the season!

I've been eying the local starlings every morning and thinking, "I'll be coming for you soon..." Next entry will hopefully (barring any especially exciting news between now and then...) be about trapping adventures and possibly about my new charge for the season!

I'm giddy, this is better than Christmas I tell ya!


Mom N said...

grinning right along with ya. looking forward to the adventures.

Doug said...

I feel your excitement. I'm giddy for fall.