Friday, September 03, 2010

Warning: Nature Ahead

Chad over at Southern Rockies Nature Blog posted this sign he saw on a trip to Vermont:

Not sure what to make of it...A part of me understands the "keep an eye on your kids, there are dangers about" part of it, but the wording irks me a bit. "Nature" down this path? Hmmm...thoughts?

In other news, the countdown widget at the top of my blog has served it's purpose and been removed. Trapping starts bright and early tomorrow morning. Kestrel for me, red-tail for my buddy, and possibly a cooper's hawk for another friend. Should be fun. Watch this space, should be much more active in the coming weeks!


Mom N said...

Can't wait!

Nichols Family said...

What? No bird for me? I thought Eli was getting a pigeon? He sure thinks he is. I like the sign, funny.