Friday, September 28, 2007

Sparrow Traps スズメのわな

Just to feel like I've got some connection to the falconry world I've been making some equipment. I'm trying out some designs for sparrow traps that I've seen around and since sparrows and starling are legal to trap year round with or without residency I can make sure my designs will provide some food once I finally do get a bird.


The spiral trap on the left was posted on the kestrelfans yahoo group by Matt Mullenix, the multi-chamber may have been too. The drop in trap is kind of a variation on one that a lot of people say is effective but we'll just have to see if my design quirks work or not.

So far the only one that's proven itself is the multi-chamber. I caught a sparrow and an oriole type bird (which I didn't even think could fit in the trap!). Both birds were released unharmed, but in two weeks the Colorado Hawking Club is having a field meet and I'm hoping to tag along with some people trapping to see if the sparrow harnesses I've been making work. The next sparrows will have some work to do!


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